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R-Mag rotating system is used in industry stores for the management of spare parts, storage and safekeeping of materials with particular characteristics and in all situations in which equipment must be found quickly (typical case of the counter products of electrical or mechanical parts "wholesalers") or where it is difficult removing the material with ladders.

Features and benefits of our R-mag:

  • recovery of space in height
    very pronounced vertical development
  • protection of the operator
    workstation at the height of the person, enlightened and protected by security systems required by the rules engine
  • security custody
    closure of R-MAG by lock code and automatic shutters
  • protection of sensitive materials from light, dust ...
    from light, dust ...
  • easy pick up
    without the use of ladders, forklift
  • lights
    reporting of correct storage of material
  • versatility
    smooth carriers or equipped with vertical and horizontal dividers or with various drawers and containers/bins
  • reduction of search time
    list control from company management
  • illuminated LEDs
    indicating directly at the material to pick up
  • standard technical data:
    • machine height from 3 to 9 m
    • carrier width from 2 to 3,2 m
    • carrier depth from 500 to 615 mm
    • carrier payload from 130 to 500 Kg each